Raised Bed Part I – Building The Box

I started my raised bed building by visiting my local Home Depot to see what materials they had that might be suitable. I was originally thinking to go with 2×12 Pine board as that would be sturdy enough and I could easily screw the 4 pieces directly together. But after looking at the cost compared with some Cedar they have available, I decided to go with Cedar.

The Cedar boards I used for this build is fence pickets that measure 5.5″ wide and 6′ long, perfect for cutting down to the size I needed and using two pieces per side to make an 11″ tall raised bed. For the corner bracing I decided to use a cedar 2×4 which my Home Depot also carries.

Assembly was straightforward, screw all the pieces together with a cordless hammer drill. I used stainless fasteners so hopefully there won’t be any rust bits after this sits out in the weather for a while.

The last step for part 1 was to get the completed structure over to its intended location. Fortunately the whole unit was pretty stable once all screwed together and carrying it was no trouble at all.

Since this box is only a 4ft by 4ft square and the fence pickets were 6ft long, I still have several 2ft pieces left over. Enough to make another small box or to use as end pieces if I decide to make something like a 2ft by 6ft box, which I might do.

Costs for the materials to make the raised bed box totaled $42.94 including tax. I spent about an hour cutting the wood and assembling the pieces. Seems like a fair price compared to some of the commercial solutions available to do the same thing.

This write up is (finally) being posted several weeks after completing the build and so far the box is working quite well. In Part II I will go over the materials I used to make the box ready for planting.


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