Green Thumb?

Amazon tells me that I purchased the All New Square Foot Gardening book way back in October of 2011, yet somehow I’ve never gotten around to setting up my own garden. I recall telling myself, “I’ll do it next Spring” and yet many Springs have come and gone since with still no garden.

In the intervening years between purchasing said book and now, I’ve learned about the Prepper movement and more recently started leaning the concept of homesteading. But I think what really interests me is the idea of self sufficiency and self reliance. These of course tie back to being a Cub Scout in childhood and growing up when times were a lot harder than they are now. Not that I really understood anything about this back then. To live is to learn.

So with Spring rapidly heading towards Summer here in Georgia I decided now(!) is the time to start that garden that I’ve been contemplating for the last few years. I’m starting off with a 4ft by 4ft raised bed. This should give me enough space to plant items I know my wife and I will eat and still gives me room to experiment.

Obviously I plan to document my adventure in learning to make my thumbs green. The next post will cover the simple box I built.


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