Splitting Wood with New Chainsaw

img_2479I had a need to move some of the logs and limbs that have not yet been split for firewood to make room for a new acquisition. This was a good opportunity to put the new chainsaw to work and see what it can do. It took me a few tries to get the saw started, apparently I didn’t read the choke portion of the manual well enough, but I got it running in short order.

First I cut some of the longer limbs down to a length that would fit on the splitter. The saw handled this like going through butter. My next task was to take some larger, heavier logs and split them lengthwise. The saw certainly cut through them, but I can tell that this is not the best way to use a chainsaw. I don’t have much other choice besides manual splitting with a maul though, so I’ll keep using the chainsaw to halve and quarter the bigger rounds to make them manageable with the splitter I have. I may end up renting a larger splitter to tackle the big white oak logs. But I would still have to cut them down to a size I can manage to lift onto a splitter…



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