Storing the Split Firewood

IMG_2199So I realized as my pile of split wood was growing that I was reaching the point of having a problem, several in fact. The biggest problem was that I was running out of room near where I had the splitter setup. Another problem was I was trampling my new grass by constantly shuffling back and forth in the same spot. And lastly Millie was starting to show interest in the area where the wood was piled, she really likes chewing up sticks. I even found a few sizable pieces of of firewood out in the yard ūüôĀ

Time to move the wood pile!

Searching the Internet for DIY firewood storage led me to this simple to build, no tools required wood rack on Instructables. I priced out the materials at my local Home Depot which came to $21.76 per rack. So far I’ve built two and I will need a few¬†more at least. One thing I really like about this solution is that the racks are effectively temporary. I can build them up to store the wood, then tear them down and re-use the materials for other projects when I am done with them.

Since I intend to build more permanent firewood storage after I get all the logs split and out of the back corner of the yard, this works out well indeed. Below are some pictures from building and using these new racks this weekend.

You can see in a couple of the pictures below that I have moved the splitter to different location, still on top of a retaining wall but I will not be trampling on the new grass. This area is closer to where the woods racks are. Using the wheelbarrow makes this whole process a lot easier too. I really should have thought of using it sooner.

My process is to take the wheelbarrow over to the log pile and load it up. Then I take the logs over to the splitter and stack them between two cinder blocks to keep them contained and within easy reach. The empty wheelbarrow then moves to the other side of the splitter to get filled with the split wood. Finally I take the split wood over to the rack, stack it up and start over again.

Lessons learned:

  • Stacking the firewood as you split it is much better than dealing with a big pile of firewood
  • Using the splitter close to where you plan to stack the wood makes things easier
  • The wheelbarrow saves you lots of walking back and forth carrying logs and saves your back from heavy objects!

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